Sometimes you want to curse the folks who lead this country, but if you sit and truly examine it, the followers carry the brunt of the blame.

A tragedy occurred this past weekend – courtesy of the Nigerian Immigration service with over 10 people dying across the country in stampedes during the nationwide recruitment drive. Now I don’t understand a few things. Did all the candidates have to show up on the same day? Are we not capable of proctoring exams or interviews in batches?

My next gripe these candidates paid N1,000 for application form. One page of paper, or even four doesn’t cost that much. Secondly it wouldn’t have killed the immigration service to provide the applicant with n10 pure water. There were no medics on site so ambulances had to be called in. Another question that is mind boggling, this recruitment actually raised N2 billion. It makes your start wondering how much the so called poor in this county actually have and how quickly they are willing to part with it. It’s almost saddening and maddening at the same time. So please don’t ask me what was done with the N2billion as I have no clue. I advocate for a lawsuit by the families of the deceased though.

Lastly because corruption has been so ingrained in nigeria, those 2 million people who paid for these forms were only applying for 4,000 jobs and I can bet the people getting the jobs didn’t show up to the stampede and we’re sitting  and relaxing at home. Sad sad sad.

On a lighter note, I was cleaning through my things and I decided to go through my nail polish box. Lo and behold I can set up my own manicure station. Didn’t know my situation was this bad.


About 30 bottles all along the same color schemes.  Lol. According to Robot “don’t you think that’s a bit much”? No I am actually not thinking and I don’t feel bad about not thinking.



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