I am very confused about an issue that has been sort of bothering me for a minute. It got a bit exaggerated today. It seems the vast majority of Nigerian women take very little time to understand their bodies, sexual health etc.

I remember an incidence I went to see a movie with a friend. And a young lady who was out on a date sat behind us. She kept insisting on putting her legs on the seat in front of her and for every time she did that we would catch the dead fish/refuse smell of whatever party she had going on. Pretty much smelt like a dead skunk laced with expired stock fish.  You get my point.

Now if you want to say illiterate/ undereducated women are less knowledgeable about their bodies i might be inclined to agree. But what do you say about the educated ones who know the labels Kim K and co wear, how much brazillian hair costs, but they don’t know what a tampon is? Or the women who think putting garlic and other foreign objects up there will create a magical cure for whatever disease? It’s heart breaking when you meet a 27 year old woman who has been sexual active since 18 and doesn’t know what a pap smear or mammogram is. That’s an implication she probably isn’t sharp enough to get her std tests frequently.

I need to understand how a woman carries herself to a doctor’s office 5 times to have abortions. Not one, not two but 5. It implies a few things – low sense of self worth, lack of education (either she wasn’t taught or simply refused to learn).  And you wonder these babe’s know the latest fashion trends. Birth control is sold over the counter in Nigeria, so is postinor,  so are condoms which are helluva a lot cheaper than an abortion emotionally and financially.  So truly what gives? Better has to be done with the education of the girl child. You hear babe’s who have Luis vuitton bags on their arms telling you how many abortions they have had and it’s saddening in this day and age.

I guess I just get angry when I hear these things. It starts with teaching your female child self respect and self worth. If you preach abstinence, remember those are your standards not necessarily your daughters, equip her with the right information so she doesn’t get useless advice from her uninformed peers.
Would female empowerment work in today’s churches in nigeria? Or are they still in denial?

That’s my rant.  I am done.



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  1. Oh forget it. Don’t get me started with naijas “so called” churches. Their goal is to take their followers on a roller coaster ride to a fictional world. They are not interested in facing the realities of life. So no my dear, female empowerment will never be considered.

    Unless you call long term suffering in your husbands house (regardless of the situation) empowerment.


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