Been a Minute

Been MIA for a minute. No, not Miami,  missing in action.  Have had more work than I can handle if the last few days. Procrastination is a puppy’s mother that finally slapped me in the face yesterday.
I have a thing with prayers. I am starting to wonder if I should start using synonyms when I pray. I keep asking God to bless the labour of my hands, and I keep ending up with a lot of work. Lol. I have two fantastic jobs in the upcoming weeks to close out March. Quite a bit to be made, and April it seems will start off with a bang. I can’t complain. I think I should do the hash tag # team busy.
I have completed the investment memo for TMS. Robot has refused to provide feedback! Hmmph!  February/ March have been my most difficult financial months in a long time, and I have faith that, that period has passed. Sometimes God puts us in a position not necessarily to humble us, as I don’t see myself as proud, but to show us the hands he extends to us and the people to know who to surrounds ourselves with. I find my patience being shorter and shorter with many people, but I am still very polite with them.
On another note, why is it that people from America always land in Nigeria and assume they know how to fix Lagos’ problems? You think the folks on ground that live through these challenges daily don’t know what the issues are? As far as I am concerned Nigeria’s only unfixable problem if you aren’t an engineer is electricity. All others are mostly human created. Someone wanted me to help write a proposal on how to fix Nigeria’s issues to the ministry of finance. I slowly begged my way out. Variety of reasons, it’s just more of the same SHIT ( complain complain complain), why are you duplicating effort and three you aren’t paying me, then why are you  wasteing my time on frivolity.
I have problems with certain things and in my own way I am working on fixing them or at least deviating from the problem. If you shout about how people are underpaid how about you do a little better when you employ?
Life isn’t really that hard. We know Nigeria is broken, but please don’t come from America to come and announce what’s wrong with it. Not all the 167 million people in Nigeria are looking for a quick buck
There are people advocating for sustainable development. And some of these people even have “foreign” passports.
I blame the embassy for giving some people visas sometimes


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