That’s the way to describe my current state.  Overwhelmed in a good kind of way. A lot has been going on with this whole building a dream concept. I have finally put through the name search to be followed up by the registration for TMS. Thank goodness. Thanks Snika.
The purpose of this post anyways was I was saying I am overwhelmed in a good kind of way.  I didn’t realise how fortunate I am or how I am able to convince anyone that my dream is worth buying into. I consider myself an absolutely horrible salesperson. I keep telling folks who want to invest to realise that this project isn’t going to be profitable for at least 2 years and I find people are still willing to invest. God is definitely the architect of my life because in this instant, there is no reason for anyone to buy into this.
I look back on my life and my biography in the 31+ years is like an emotional roller coaster with more downs than ups but somehow life always ends up being gracious to me.
Supposed to be working on an investment memo to raise the remaining 32% of my funds. All I can say is God is faithful in more ways than I can imagine. Is an audacious risk and the biggest undertaking of my life sans marriage or children. But it’s going to determine what a lot of things end up looking like.


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