Valentines something

Something about Valentines day drives Nigerians into a frenzy. Unfortunately this one fell on a weekend.  In essence it was a Friday, so the whole weekend was Valentines centric. Many shows, many different business exploitation, bakers were in over their heads and turning down orders,  unable to fulfil orders etc. I think next year I am gonna push some goods for Valentine’s.  It’s relatively easy money as it seems folks are willing to pay for anything for both their main chics and side chics.  Lol.
Robot and I had previously decided not to celebrate valentines. Personally I am broke. Lol.
Anyways I woke up to this a whole banana cake for just me. And a box of chocolates and a Victoria’s secret gift set- seduction. I was a bit confused at first but I quickly remembered.


Well I didn’t give him anything. He didn’t seem slighted. It was wonderfully surprising.  We hung around and watched two movies – Kevin Hart and gravity which had only two actors. We both consciously decided to stay indoors too. Crowds put me off these days, so does lagos traffic which I heard was manic that day.
Fast forward to saturday- went to Akowonjo to see shesho.  On third mainland coming back I kept hearing swooshing on my drivers side. Figured something was wrong with my wheel. Had gotten a call from kixalix that she got two tix to small world. So got back to VI by 6pm. Picked up tix for the show from four points only to get home and realise that my tire was ripped. Oh yeah.


On getting it fixed, saw a few people.  Ran into someone who used to work in dubai the same time I was there. Lol. Funny how you see everyone at the vulcanizer. Lolzer.  I need two new tires. Highlight of my life.
I managed to get to Robot by 7.30pm to go to small world at Federal Palace Hotel. Only to get there and no parking. Minus eko hotel I don’t think any other hotel in lagos has decent parking. We didn’t find parking lo and behold the street parking we found the area boys wanted N1,000. 00 advance payment.  Meaning if they steal your car, you can’t hold anyone responsible so we pretty much opted out and Robot suprised me and took me to dinner at Churasco (sp).


I don’t even know what drink he ordered.  I was just too happy to be out. Lol. He didn’t want me to “waste my dress”. Lol.
On Sunday I finished the business plan for TMS. Feeling accomplished.  Waiting for feedback from a few close people. Working on developing curriculum content now and then investor case. Awesomely awesome.  I feel like I am making progress. Little drops make an ocean.


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