It’s funny how as we get older our tolerance for rubbish either diminishes or grows. I find myself wanting less confrontations and just understanding that life has a way of dealing with itself.

I find myself understanding that silence doesn’t equate stupidity. It just means one isn’t giving credence to the rubbish that ends up being counter productive when truly time is valuable.  Truth is growth is my biggest focus right now. Working on taking steps to do the right thing and to be honest with you I am not afraid of failure.

Many more of my friends are complaining about their 9-5 jobs and I am starting to realise my last employer did me a favor. Keep in mind that if they hadn’t asked me to go, Woulda probably been there and still miserable and complaining with the rest of them. I am not rich,  but I have peace of mind and I don’t have nervous episodes often. Nervous about TMS but I have God and many good people in support of me and this project. So it will come to fore.


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