Rise and Shine

Today is gonna be a good day. Lunch with the folks. Should be awesome. The older I get the more comfortable I am sitting with them. The more I see myself in them. Was reading psalm 35 this morning and realised that I wasn't sure how I felt about asking for God to avenge anyone's wrongs against me. According to Robot I should think of the divide between the new testament and the old testament as Christ and just give it a WWJD moment.  I guess that's the right approach. I also used to preach about how I didn't generate haters. But coming to the realisation that it's likely that more people want my life without even understanding it. It's truly amazing. I have also heard that if you don't have haters then you aren't doing the right things. And one should be happy they have a life worth envying. Not sure how much in agreement I am with that but when folks start going out of their way to sabotage you,  it becomes unsettling. So you have to turn to God to fight your battles and ensure that all you have are significant testimonies. Truly can't complain about anything right now, the TMS plan is coming along and I am also developing a 10 to 20 page investment case so I can pitch to the right parties to make the project happen on a good scale. It's coming. I am proud of myself and grateful to God for helping me understand my purpose this early. Funny how when we are doing what we love life doesn't frustrate us and we forget

many other things. I have even signed up for 2 education courses online. Will tackle those later today.

Toddles and have a great week ahead.


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  1. Is that a picture of you and Robot?


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