I have been feeling excited beyond explanation these days. I know why. Purpose. I can’t say it long who ugh,  when we find purpose at the appropriate time, it makes all the difference in the world. You also realise you don’t have everything and it’s ok not to have everything.

I was very worried when I sat down to calculate the start – up costs for TMS, my first though was to figure out how to sell off a few things to try to raise the money. I am not really one to shy away from sharing my dreams and goals, but I am very careful who I share with, since from what I gather in Nigeria folks are rarely happy for others.

Anyways I wrote my vision and spoke it from my lips to God’s ears. And all I can say is he is faithful and I am grateful. It helps me to continously believe that I am doing what I have been called to do.  The amount of support has been tremendous, my helpers showed up before my point of need. Robot has been equally a rock even though I give him snippets from time to time. I am one of those people who talk when I am ready to. And he let’s me do just that.

One of my brothers also donated a crib that he got as a gift towards the project. That’s easily $300 saved and one less crib to worry about for the baby room. You can understand my excitement. I have checked on certain costs today and all I can say is I am glad they aren’t as high as I anticipated. I continue to get excited.  The monthly menus should be coming up thanks to my mother the Super nutritionist. My excitement is beyond controllable. 2014 has thus far been the greatest year of my life.



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