Day 5 of T25. I am still alive. Robot says it’s not a lifetime project. Lol. I know why I know why! The exercises kick butt and it’s a diff workout for everyday of the week – 5 weekdays, Saturday is a rest day and Sunday is a stretch day. It’s 25 minutes of you wishing the session is over. It’s that intense.

Saw my love Georgie pudgie today. Babies grow so fast. I am more convinced that the school is the right thing to do. God grant me the serenity and wisdom to do that which is right. I keep praying for grace, peace,  and sincerity.

I am suppose to be on a healthier diet. That’s the joke of the week, but I am trying. I have eaten all manners and types of fruits this week- oranges, bananas, sour sap, mangoes, pears and grapes. Yeah beat that. Lmao.

Otherwise all else is well and on track. I think I have grown my hair back to almost armpit length – about one inch short of that, so I am a bit glad.



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