A good day

Last night looked like this. Thanks to the lack of exercise,  my sleep pattern has been crappy for a lack of better word. So trying different things. That alcohol hit home last nite.

Friday – A good day is when you wake up and fulfil all you set out to do for the day and more.  Set out to seek out real estate for TMS,  and drove all the estates in ikoyi with the exception of Banana Island, I reckon. Park view,  Osborne foreshore I and I I and Abacha estate. Expensive and has raised my budget by 25% which is a bit hard to swallow. Also thinking  about  the possibility of loans to bridge the funding gap. Thanks to Snika for many words of encouragement.  They were much needed.

Things are looking way up on the consulting front, waiting for the commission to hit the ground running on some policy/frameworks for a small bank.
Today I also had my favorite hotpot. Awesomely awesome.

My day sort of ended with this

SUGARCANE! Robot got me sugarcane and cut it up since I technically can’t bite into it due to my rice teeth which have wires on the inside.  He is totally awesome and made the day come to a close in a very fulfilling way. No I am not getting mushy. Alright I am, he is very very thoughtful!

I am blessed beyond measure.


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