Awesomely Awesome

I am beyond happy. If I asked for much more, it would make me extremely ungrateful.

A few things Have revealed themselves.
I haven’t slept in 4 days. Like peaceful sleep, kind of sleep. It’s due to my lack of going to the gym. I guess I am not tired enough period. My cake push pops were a hit. I guess if I was to sell them, I would have to do N5,000 per dozen at the cheapest. Let’s see if anyone wants to pay. Thanks to mommiirennii the pushpops came to life. Red velvet w cream cheese frosting and chocolate with butter icing.

Even my outfit on sunday was awesome.

Yes that’s Malaysian batik with French lace. Totally loved it. Can re rock it to church or something.

Work is coming along absolutely fine. Grinding on with multiple tasks, and getting in small income here and there. Pinkthrift also has a few things for valentines day for sale.

As for the school plans? Coming along nicely, getting help from different angles and I am totally in awe.



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