Pinkthrift etal

Getting my mojo back it seems. Was feeling a little down earlier in the week. You know that inexplicable feeling of inadequacy that strikes every so often and you gotta counter it, if not it permeates your whole being and space.
Well glad that has passed, was dealing with some issues of non payment by a client, it appears things are looking up in that regard.  God is faithful, I always try to remind myself not to worry.

Pinkthrift my jewelry business seems to have picked up again  without me trying. Can’t complain much, that’s some money in my pockets. Extremely grateful.

  Got a call from a client to sit in on a presentation tomorrow. I am keeping faith there is something to be gotten out of that. Extremely grateful also. Still got some more work to do, will be grinding that out likely tomorrow evening as the weekend is seemingly busy. Anyways below is my sis in law out to a wedding. Partially styled by me. Yes I am proud of my partial work.

Feeling extreme blessed. Learning to be grateful for the things I do have and worry less about those which I don’t have.
Sometimes I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs because it feels like a lot of people in my generation are not ashamed to lack ambition. They stay making other people’s business their business and hiding the ignorance behind weaves and expensive labels.  We are what we make ourselves. I am going back to not making excuses for mediocrity in my life and trying my best not to entertain plain old fashioned airheads.  When you are surrounded by ambition less people, it’s a lot harder to focus.

Laughing, loving and living.


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