Uhuh!  Yes I used that word. Many good things have happened this week and are happening by the weekend. The work front and money was looking very bleak, almost hit panic. A certain company I have done work for has refused to pay me, so I have shelved them. Don’t even plan on addressing the issue with them. I will just ignore them and when they ask for their work, I have a rebuttal for them. Easy as ABC. Just got a call that a client may want me to sit in on one of their presentations tomorrow.  So totally feeling favored.

On another note I saw the Hobbit movie 1 on Saturday then saw the hobbit 2 last night. Pseudo surprise thanks to Mr OAD aka Robot. Hadn’t had a date since NY in November. Was a good outing, a Monday night is a good night to go to the movies.  You even get free popcorn and a soda. This is at the cinema in lekki palms mall in lagos. And in Nigerian you tend to get side commentary.

Saw one of my oldest friends Sheso. Why i love this woman till date, i have known her for about 18 years and one thing i believe is neither of us has a sense of entitlement when it comes to our friendship. She tells me things in her own time and i respect it.

I got a few nice surprises today got about N6000 credit on my phone, and Robot spent all his data on his phone downloading the Captain Phillips movie. Just got done watching that, wow is all I can say. It brought back some memories of my time worked in Iraq.

I don’t have it all, but I can say I understand what love is, what respect and consistency mean in a relationship. Totally happy and just focusing on being a better me all around.



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