Relationship Advice

So I was reading on a site that Gabrielle Union was giving relationship Advice.  Something about women shouldn’t have types. Everyone took it a different way from the comments posted.
I will touch on this because I have a few questions. What makes someone qualified to give relationship advice?  The likes of Toke Makinwa with over 12 Years in the same relationship give advice, so do the likes of Ms Union who has been rumored to be the breaking force behind D Wades marriage breakup.
I think it’s important generally to keep an open mind in relationships and not to judge books or people by their looks or outward appearances. I am not saying date anyone you clearly cannot  develop affection for, I just personally don’t see the need for superficial conditions on who you can  and cannot date. Next issue is the question of standards, to have a relatively successful relationship, a shared value system is very very important.  I don’t give relationship advice ever to my friends or fam. People generally know what is good for them.
I also believe that the most important thing about relationships in general is the desire to want to be a better person be it in romantic relationships or friendships. Notice I didn’t say you should have any feelings of inadequacy, but you want a natural profession.  Any situation that makes you sad most of the time or has you wailing and swearing to get your frustrations across should never be your lot. Keep in mind you as a creation of God (you may beg to differ), we’re not created to be sad or sulky the bulk of the time. And neither are you a floor mat for anyone who feels inadequate about their lives.
Anyways that’s my rant of the day. So I got my new sneakers on and popping.  See below -yes I always have pink sneakers, it makes me feel better about my workouts.

My feet on Mr OADs dashboard. He wasn’t too pleased because he wanted these sneakers in blue and they were $160. Mine cost $80. Touch that beat that.

I saw this license plate at the lekki toll gate. I guess everyone will drive far from dude as the “antichrist” is on the road.



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