Happy new year- Team gym

Happy new year peoples. Oh oh yeah! I am totally in love. With bodyline gym in lagos! What what! First day back in the gym after about 3 months out. It was fantastic and excellent. Brand new equipment and knowledgeable trainers. They make my last trainer look like a fool literally. Like what! Thanks to Mr OAD it was on and popping. Got my 45 or so minutes of cardio.  The stair master was way cool, I climbed the eiffel tower on the the machine, a hundred steps just me needless to say I got a bad cold. It was fun, and I got a smoothie after. Awesomeness.
Totally high on sudafed- I have been just swigging and not measuring so Def high.

Yeah that’s me. I think I gained 10 lbs of fat and lost muscle.


Doing a lot this year. It’s gonna be an awesomely awesome year. Gotta love it. Totally stoked!


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