Old school love

Well how is it going. Going darn well considering a restructure of the blog. Tired of these blogs that continuously bring others down etc. i know bile and hatred attracts people. In my case, maybe its old age, well i am 31, but i seek friendship, and in the midst of it support. Learning the realities of human relationships, the dynamics of love, imperfection, and lastly ownership of my journey as a woman. To say the least i guess its all about the wholeness approach to womanhood.

Enough with the waxing poetic, come january i promise to restructure this page to be more reflective of my state of mind and i promise to be less cryptic, more open and just be. Maybe someone other than me will be willing to read.

Happy holidays to you and yours. I have a special surprise planned for a special somebody. I hope it goes really well. Fingers crossed.



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