Orange juice and wine

Somehow i decidedly remembered my blog today. Sad sad sad! Anyways i am in London sipping on white wine from marks and spencer mixed w orange juice. Dunno if its gonna kill me or not. Also halfway playing assassins creed with a special person. This blog is ready to take direction, i strongly believe that i have found its purpose. Just to speak my mind against all that i am not pleased with or things i feel liberating ourselves from helps give us peace. I dont have any answers, but i do have gut feelings and opinions on many things.

I have gained weight to 70kgs not such a good place, but i have completed 2 -3 mile runs in hyde park. I will be going on a salad/veg diet with protein once i get back to lagos. Would like to get back to a more manageable 65kg. I have a whole lot to be thankful for. I will be announcing as time goes on. A lot has sort of crept up on me, in a very great kind of way! Its very comforting and reassuring when people believe in your abilities not necessarily because they love you, but because they believe in your abilities. I may not be the richest, but i have a lot to be thankful for.

NESTR for now


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