Seem to be playing catch up

Hey hey hey. I’m here just getting fat and basking in it all. Laugh love live or how goes it? I am doing something along those line and i absolutely cant be any happier. I have been doing a load of eating, not working out and have since refused to get on a scale. Cant be bothered. Since i ran that half-marathon in october in london, my knees have been acting like grandma’s and just wobbling and betraying me.

Work wise, i have been tremendously blessed, i have no shortage of work on my hands and at this point i might end up subcontracting some work to one of my younger proteges. I believe not getting retained at my last job was the best thing that could have happened to me. Lets just say while the work is steady, i get to spend more time with Robot and my other loved ones. I also get to work from home, and travel a lot more.

I am heading to NY on monday and will be going to London for the 2nd time this year in about 3 months. Lol. I avoided the uk all my life only for it to now be a third home. stwerks! God def has a sense of humor. Definitely looking forward to thanksgiving and time with Robot.

This blog is to take a more directional approach. I promise myself that.



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