Doing just fine

I’m doing just fine! How are you?
Well not too much has been going on. Dating again, and quite pleased. Need to have a convo with my mentor. Fell off the wagon with and slowing down on the madison school. Just trying to get my money and mind right. I am also not sure if i have gained a lot of weight, lost muscle or just suffering from some brain psychosis. Lol. I weighed in at 68kg,s this morning, so not sure what it is about.i think my ideal weight is 65kg’s, which is about 143 lbs.

I think i have neglected several people in my life, and for that, i am truly sorry. Working on doing better. I am working on several things for now.
Ps i actually enjoyed London a lot more than i expected. It was a bit more expensive than i’m used to, but i’ll be back that way. Looking forward to spending thanksgiving in NY, with 2 of my nephews and family. Lets just say food, food and more food. Still debating whether to lose weight to 135lbs or not, might be too small.

Anyways thats the crux of things right now.


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