A lot happened

A lot and I mean a whole lot has happened since my last post. Lets see where to start, I was not retained at my last job. I went into a meeting with my boss on the morning of the 29th of August and was told that they company decided not to employ me after my 6 month probationary period. In all frankness, I wasn’t too surprised because my boss and I had several personality clashes due to I believe mostly regarding my insistence on not working weekends as I felt it would impede my quality of life. More so I didn’t believe our work -investment research required weekend work, I just believe he was trying soo hard to kiss the MDs ass.

That said, he did me a greater favor than he could imagine humanly possible. I cleaned out my desk by 10am, I typed up a resignation letter, given that they gave me that option. The whole thing on his part was however done with utmost disregard, as HR or legal wasn’t present at the time. So I quietly did the needful, packed up my desk and walked out with my head high. I made a few calls and sent out a few bbm messages. I headed to the hospital to utilize the health insurance which I had stupidly paid for which didn’t work anyways.

I got closer to God in the beginning of August or thereabouts and I had kept praying to God for the spirit of direction as I realized that my life was ok and just ok! There was nothing spectacular going on in it. I strongly believe in God having a purpose for our lives. Everyone I called was surprisingly supportive, I got offers of food, older friends asking to speak with me on the next chapter etc. anyways i graciously smiled and welcomed the new challenge. By the end of that Thursday by 8pm, I had a better job which paid 50% more than the job that I was let go from. No the Kicker was that I negotiated working from home unless i had to attend meetings. I discussed my plans to start up my school with them, and they made me a managing partner of the firm. I made my first work trip to Abuja today. I can’t shout loud enough that God has been faithful. I started work officially on the 9th of September, oddly enough during the entire process, I never panicked about loss of income or any such thing.

On the saturday morning, I made a trip to my folks, prior to getting there, I got a surprise package from London – a generous show of support and I couldn’t have been more grateful. My life in the last couple of weeks has been like a dream and i keep giving my God the glory. My father and I prayed for direction and renewal for new beginnings. And boy i tell you.

Today I was sitting here in Abuja working and someone hit me up to buy costume jewelry which I had almost forgotten I was selling.

And then another one- the person who committed to helping with my ticket for London flaked out, however someone else has offered to pay half and help with my hotel. I can’t say I am not in awe because truly my life has just been fabulous.



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  1. When it rains, it pours. Glad it’s raining blessings in your life. off to go talk to God to hook me up. so scattered about my direction and purpose in life.


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