So fine So So Fine

My inner thoughts are peace, peace and more peace.

Working on several things –

TMS – the Madison School

Pinkthrift – Online retail site.

I guess i am well on my way to being a serial entrepreneur. It is well because he has said so. I believe in love once again and i beginning to blossom in many ways. I deserve the best life has to offer, and i remind myself of that on a daily basis. I currently exist in my own cocoon for now. Not sure if that’s a bad thing or not. I believe in my ability to completely run the marathon in October, i am currently about 65KG perfect weight for the race, my body is a lot easier to carry, hopefully i don’t gain the weight right back with my eating frenzy, but i think i have it under control. If that doesn’t work, i will go on a fruit diet, simple and short. I am back in the gym after a week of absence, i am grateful, to just be able to go in, run and have a good time doing it. Fuelband is definitely keeping me honest and working out well. I am enjoying myself.

I just have this confidence that all things have worked together for my good. Working on getting my ticket to London now. So that good news for me. I am happier than i have been in the last couple of years, i feel more fulfilled, and i am learning to be gracefully grateful. I have finally forgiven my ex, i actually feel sorry for him at this point, and i realize that God was planning a bigger and better partner for me. I have seen it, i have faith. My Suchi O! I am grateful.

Sometimes we don’t understand grace, but God gives it to us out of his freewill, not because we are deserving or not of it. Currently working on a few things outside of the school with my dad. I am looking forward to the beginning of many new things in my life. My disposition is definitely a lot better.



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  1. Your blog is a breath of fresh air. someone sent it over and i started catching up.

    Can definitely relate with forgiving the ex. Glad I did cos my superstar strolled in right after and life is great 🙂


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