The lines are falling in pleasant places

I am back, been incognegro for a bit. I am more than grateful, blessed, wonderfully made and all that great stuff. I realize i am extremely blessed and God has renewed his covenant with me. My joy has know no bounds in the last month or so, all for good reason, and testimonies are coming to the fore.

I spent the whole of last week out of the office, and it was a very insightful and very illuminating. I am understanding more the direction of my life. needless to say, i probably got down to my target weight for my race in October. Still havent gotten that flight ticket, before the week runs out, i will get it though. I am working on so many things, my head is spinning out of control, but i dont mind. I have found the special glory and the grace of God. i cant truly complain.

Suchi O got this on lock. Its all good in the hood. Just touching base.




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