The feeling of calm is truly underrated. I am currently in a place that i am loving for a variety of reasons. I got happy- that’s what i am calling it for now. Leaving out the things that don’t make me smile or the things that out rightly confuse me for now. I am here grinning like a fool. Big secret – not telling.

Otherwise been skipping the gym and eating food like a maniac. Lets see how far the waist line expands – i think i’m losing muscle mass though. Chase has finally made me handicapped – their customer service people need to be better educated truthfully, because how do you tell someone in another country they have to come into a branch in the states. Well to say the least, i guess those people don’t travel, so as i am now, i have no access to my US accounts. Well then here i come Citibank, a bank that might actually have some sense given the circumstances.

Nothing else fantastic is going on, i just need to buy my ticket to London, but i am not even sure how that is going to get done, given that i cant pay the damn bill. sucks.

I have a lot to say, but cant really say much yet.




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