Doing Badly – Posting Wise

Well well well, what have we here. I have slacked off so badly, even i am ashamed of myself.

I had the nastiest experience with Chase bank in the US yesterday. pretty much my account is blocked because these morons expect me to come into a branch. The issue arose from me simply trying to perform  a wire transfer to someone, and instead of these monkeys putting a hold on the transaction, these fools decided to put a bloody block on my account. Now i have to factor in a trip to NY based on their shenanigans. Thank goodness i don’t have a heart condition or serious medical issue that would require me to need cash from the account for now. I am tempted to curse their multiple generations, because these fools obviously don’t understand that sometimes people are not in the country for months at a time. I’ll gladly move my accounts else, chase can go to blazes.

My Fuelband seems to be working ok, after i jimmied it and re-screwed the parts back. it seems like the 3000 goal might be much for me. Dunno – my new friend thinks i should drop it to 2500, it just feels like i might be cheating at that point, but then i’ll probably meet goal more and a lot quicker. I think i’ll do ok at my race, eating is a little better, i have generally been cooking my lunch and zip-locking it and re-warming. Also going to the gym and doing a bit more work. so i am keeping faith. Someone almost special is making my workouts easier. I reserve my comment.

Nigerian radio has to be the absolute worst thing to exist, its either the radio casters are speaking jumbled English with horrid accents or the ones doing it in the Nigerian languages are screaming. Just ridiculous. In addition, the songs aren’t any better- about 60% are torturous; they need to start pointing guns at these singers/ artists – if they cant sing the shit at gunpoint, they have no business torturing us with it. I heard there’s a 70% content mandate for music- so that’s why the fill our ears and punish us.

We have a 4 Day weekend, gonna start this evening by going to the movies to see Parker. Tomorrow i have a lunch date with Ms BA, looking forward to that – i know her since my elementary school days. Then i got a business late lunch meeting with a lawyer. I need to understand the structure of a trust for my business. I have also created my brokerage account with my current employer. So i will be trading on the Nigerian market, its time for me to start gambling and loving again. Taking some bold steps in that direction. Looking forwards to continued happiness, my spirits are high, despite some negative things and minor setbacks. I’m not keen on gouging out my ex’s eyes anymore- i just figure the devil has an active place in his life, so i pray for him instead. Thanks to Snika for that, i simply commit all things to God, because truly only he understands our purpose. I need to settle on a bf in the next few months- i want it to feel right, so i’m taking my precious time.

Thought of the day: how do women deal with men whom they suspect have erectile dysfunction?





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