Been a Minute

I have been out of commission for about a week. Sorry for myself. Had several conflicts at work, the boss threatened to fire me, and i threatened to quit. How’s that for counter?

Been back in the gym, currently trying to get it right, i had to literally re-engineer my fuel band as in unscrew the damn thing and re-screw it back in. But someone has offered to help me get a new one. Found out he thought i was attractive yesterday. Funny stuff. lol. I think i have about four men who are between 10 months and 14 months younger than i am. Confusion galore. I don’t know how to date younger men, so i guess i’ll just let things play themselves out really. But i don’t even feel inclined to date or have sex, it could be likely due to not finding the sparks, or just being so caught up with trying to build my empire. That’s actually on track, so i ain’t mad.

To the gym, i am managing to drive up my goal on NIke fuelband by meeting all my 3000 goals daily. I have upped my treadmill time to 40 minutes from 30 minutes. Still gotta prep like crazy for my race which is 2 months away. God help me. Truly. I’m looking forward to running the lekki Ikoyi bridge again tomorrow. should be better.




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