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Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria. I noticed that i personally know how to avoid interactions with sales personnel in Nigeria as it often more than not tends to be an extremely draining experience.

In addition to being under the weather this week thus far and being hopped up on prescription drugs, today i had the mind to transfer some credit to a friend who has been more than kind to me. Anyways i decide to call the almighty MTN to get customer service to explain how to go about the process. Lets just say between the horrible accent and the slow and under-trained person that took the call, i was beyond disappointed. The customer care attendant asked me when i bought the line – of course i can give a vague time, she proceeded to ask me about a PUK number, and i told her i didn’t know it. Rather than her simply explain what the bloody number was, this fool, i use the term lightly was telling me that i needed one. The morale of this story is that i eventually searched on Google how to do the credit transfer and to create a new password and lo and behold it worked. I was just thinking to myself, would it have killed the customer service person to tell me this? Is it an issue of culture or is she just poorly trained? Such experiences continue to traumatize customers. Don’t worry the other 3 networks are not any better, i think its a Nigerian thing.

I have been out of the gym since the beginning of the week, may God help me. I have been eating like a lion too, since i cooked over the weekend, curry lamb, mac n cheese, rice n peas, jerk chicken, spaghetti and meat sauce and white cake with coconuts. I am being encouraged to cater for small parties – might consider it, that’s if i can make decent money out of it though.




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