Its the weekend

Yeah yeah yeah! its the weekend finally. Its time to get some rest and just cook up a storm. I have since decided that i am gaining weight ordering lunch daily, and frankly its not very healthy. My gym habits have been very questionable in the last month since my birthday anyway.

I located a hot pot place in Lagos on Saka Tinubu in Victoria Island. Ratchet place where the waiters and waitresses wear slippers apparently. And the waitresses also have been known to tell folks “feel free to order more food, its you money you know”. The spot is right next to Slot and it has those Christmas tree lights on the outside, i don’t even know the name. The place also caters mostly to Chinese people, and isn’t an American Chinese food place. Will be trying it soon.

My darling Kixalix has headed to Germany. I am currently at a crossroads on a decision about something critical, and i am sure i will figure out how a way to sort things out. Anyways i have planned my cooking menu for tomorrow- cooking up a storm, if you know me, you will understand i am a heavy handed cook. I can cook easily for 10 people, but not 1. On the menu is – Curry Lamb, Jerk Chicken, Rice & Peas, Dumplings, Mac & Cheese,fried plantain,pasta & meat sauce, Salad w feta cheese, malva pudding, and some cupcakes.

Now the plan is to bribe a few people with the food. Will package my lunch for the week or so off this, then i’ll pack up some for my mom & brother, then i’ll also take the bulk of the cupcakes to the office. So i don’t plan on consuming much of it myself.

I am looking forward to this weekend truly, i just want to rest. I am encouraging my inner child to take over.

Planning on Running the Lekki Ikoyi bridge tomorrow morning.




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