Free Classes

In my quest to accomplish many things, i found myself signed up for a free how to learn math class at Stanford. I will be starting class today, looking forward to the free experience.  I love free, since i cant be Anthony Bourdain travelling the world, i reckon i might as well stay busy right. Since i want to start my school, i might as well learn something new. So i am aspiring and currently attending Stanford’s free training on how to learn math.

Otherwise, i skipped the gym last night and went to see white house down with Snika. Funny movie in my opinion, Jamie Foxx makes things cool in my opinion. Lovely movie, Nigeria has me addicted to sugar popcorn, and i found out that weekday movies are cheaper at N1000 per person, and you get free popcorn & a can soda. I like free obviously.

That said, i am going to aerobics today, i get to wear new sneakers and shake shake shake. I am starting to like that class. I am trying to control my diet, i think i’ll start cooking my meals on the weekends and freeze packing them for the week or something, that way i can really control what it is i eat. i need to lose 5kgs officially now since the October race is about three months away – scary. But i know i’ll make it.



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