Been a Minute

Its been a while since i have blogged. I am apologizing to myself ahead of time. Lol. Anyways somehow my weekend was very restful, included loads of food, sleeping and just watching Anthony Bourdain. I’m still stuck on season 1 – yes i am very jealous of him, i would love to travel on someone else’s dime, but then again i have to respect that he has worked a NYC kitchen as a chef for 25 years prior, so he definitely paid his dues.

On to other things, i got back into running, i did 4 miles on Saturday morning, the skies were threatening to pour so i just took myself back home. Seems like Banana island in no longer the runners destination on the island, i noticed the Ikoyi-Lekki bridge. I want to try that this up coming Saturday – i really miss my Wally E – my running buddy who died in the Dana 2002 crash. i Just don’t get how the good ones die young- i not only miss him for his willingness to try out the crazy routes i used to recommend, but for understanding my need to eat fried chicken from chicken republic with french fries after running 10km on a Saturday morning.

On to other things, my Nike Fuelband finally arrived, i am on day 2 of wearing it. Incidentally, my friend LK’s jawbone has equally packed up. Maybe these things aren’t really waterproof. I have committed to taking off my fuelband when i do water heavy activities. should work out just fine. I was at pearl Garden Chinese restaurant last nite, and somehow this family – foreign mother, Nigerian father – the daughter was amazed cos her hair was the same wild style as mine. Lol. I think her younger brother was confused. Mine of course looked better – moisturized * wink wink*. just kidding. So i’m skipping the gym this evening- my excuse is my running clothes are still wet.

Somehow i still think the 90’s music is still the bestest. My UNICEF running kit arrived from NY. I need a running partner as i need to get really really serious now. Cant be flaking off. Hoping for a really productive week ahead and wishing everyone the same.




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