Washing Machine woes

Yes that’s really what I decided to blog about. My washing machine chose to “pack up” a few months back and I got in touch with the management of the building where I live. Subsequently I was promised a new one, however after about a month of chasing this mess down, they told me they didn’t have any new ones in stock and they would send a technician over to fix the machine.

Subsequently, I had to chase down the machine repair issue again, after about two weeks; I get in contact with the guy to come check the machine. He checks it and reels off the price, by the time he was done, the bill was N38,000 which I told him the estate was responsible for. Anyways to cut a long story short, I should have taken a picture of this Whirlpool POS (piece of sh*t) machine that was installed in my apartment. To me the machine isn’t worth even $300 as it is a washer and dryer combo that looks like it was manufactured by whirlpool in hell. I kid you not. It barely worked for 6 months straight and my brother got the same machine recently, and less than a month later it is acting up. The kicker behind this now is the technician said the machine was retailing for close to N200,000 (please divide by N160 to $1 USD).

Now the greater question at hand is the quality of goods imported into Nigeria and the ridiculous price tags attached to them when they are still POS’s.

Secondly I suspect the management of my building coveted the washing machine that was to be allocated to my flat, as some Nigerians are backwards unscrupulous thinkers, so i have to tighten my belt and figure out how to deal with these clowns, because i am not quite willing to cough up N90,000 for a new washing machine elsewhere.

Thirdly, i missed going to the gym yesterday evening to deal with these clowns and their shenanigans. So i am pretty irritable.

Fourthly – the management team just called me to tell me the repair would cost N68,000 why are Nigerians so dishonest? The technician said N38,000 last nite. So these fools want to rob me of an extra N30,000 if i was even to pay it. God is definitely preparing a place in hell for short sighted thieves.

On a bright note today, my retail website for my costume jewelry business is on the come up, so i do indeed have something to be grateful for.




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