Alrighty then, last nite was aerobics at Eko gym. It was much fun for the 50 minutes it went on. In all Hilariousness or hilarity whatever that word is, i cant really dance, neither do i have a good sense of coordinated movement, so i have a few challenges in the class. However i manage to usually stop when i get lost and Uzo the pit bull is yelling.

A few fun factors about this class, i made a new friend, she is much older nice lady. She was telling me how she hurt her right heel and also how she bought made in china knee brace in Lagos and it was essentially fake – she saw mine and was curious as to where i got it from. We got to chit chatting before the class started.

Aside from that, there are threee lebanese guys in this class. I made the mistake of standing right next to one of the guys who was on my right, and one guy was on my 45 degree angle to the right, so i had two of them to contend with. The 45 degree one – “blondie” is hilarious as hell. He has been in the class for months, and he still cannot figure out the moves, its bad enough that when everyone is going left, he is going right and he just yells “sh*t men”. I then realize that i’m laughing so hard at him i am almost crying. this was my 3rd or 4th time attending the class, so i think i got about 80% of the moves down. The other guy was also ridiculous, but not as bad as blondie, he did some very awkward knee raises, but he had nice olive legs, so no complaints here. I laughed so had when the class was over and we had to do abs. The third guy ran from the back to the front and was doing some sideways exercises.

There’s also a Nigerian guy in the class who has managed to appoint himself as a hype-man, this is funny because most times, he just lays there and yells “lets go” or “1 -2” or “thats it” or “right there”! lol. His gut is about the size of a 6 month pregnancy needless to say.

I plan on changing position next week, because i’m simply gonna bawl over from laughing so damn hard. I thought i was “rythmless” till i encountered this trio. It was awesomely hilarious. My knee hurts some from all that jumping around, but its a full body workout, so i’m not hating at all.





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