What an Evening – Cardio’d out

So it goes a little something like this. I left work at about 7pm yesterday Monday to get to the gym. And the pit bull (my trainer) was already waiting for me. The irony of all this is i generally yawn before i start my workout, so i am no Serena Williams. Monday is generally a cardio day with boxing.

Lets start with the documentation of what i consumed yesterday to give you an idea of the true picture

Breakfast – Soy milk with a healthy helping of honey puffed wheat, about 2 glasses of water, and 2 mugs of green tea.

Lunch – White rice, fried plantain, beef with stew, 2 glasses of water, and 2 mugs of green tea.

Snack – four ginger snap cookies, & 3 mini chocolate bars.

Now the word Diet is one which i can never aptly use to describe my food consumption. lol

So i got to the gym, and i had changed prior to leaving work. First off there was no parking. Next the gym was out of towels, why do people rush to the gym on Mondays? No all the food you consumed during the weekend is not gonna melt off in that one day.

I did my stretches, ran for 20 minutes straight – despite my bad knee and tiredness. Pulled out my pink Everlast gloves and boxed with my trainer – shifted around a bit for 25 minutes. My arms hurt like they had lifted sacks of lead, i guess sometimes we aren’t as strong as we think. Boxing is also cheap therapy, it helps get all the aggression out, and instead of fighting people, i just take it out on the pads. Got back on the treadmill for another 10 minutes, and then did the elliptical/ cross trainer for 20 minutes.

I then had to do abs – 20 reps of 10 sets – i think that’s how these gym people say it.

Anyways during my cardio routine, a lady came up to me, i could tell she was really shy cause i had been seeing her around for a while trying to work out. She is what one would describe as an average sized woman in that she is heavy around the middle, and maybe a US 12 or 14. She wanted to ask how much jump roping i do (skipping) and i told her in all honesty that i did 100 reps of 5 sets, but to try doing 50 reps of 5 – meaning u skip 50 times and stop. I try not to scare women in the gym, i am far from buffy-the-body, but i think most people want to lose weight way too quickly, it a progression. Do your exercise and stay consistent and try to workout for at least an hour. If anything just walk if you are at a loss for what to do, after a while you start learning from people who are there working out. If you lose it steadily, the likelihood of it creeping back on you is really low, as you appreciate the work you have put in. I don’t buy into crash diets either, all that no carb no this, no that. Living life isn’t about deprivation, neither is living a healthy life.

I have since ordered my Nike fuel band from the states, i expect it to get here in about two weeks maximum. Trying to figure out a solution to outdoor running given the heavy rains in Lagos these days. Below – Left -me in 2007 @ possibly 180lbs (about 80KG)  or thereabout – US size 10/12, on the right was about 2 or so months ago (April 2013) – US size 4/ 6 about 70KG (155 lbs). Keep in mind its not the weight loss of 22 lbs over a 5 year period, it is more so the build up of muscle and intentional body sculpting. I am still struggling to lose about 5KG in anticipation of my race in October.

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