Jawbone Why

Jawbone why art thou forsaken me? Ok a little bit of background on the jawbone development. I saw my colleague L.K with a bracelet and he regaled me with the benefits of the jawbone and how it counted your number of steps daily and all the yidi yada yidi. I decided my next ambition was to own one. Jawbone

I convinced him to get me one as an early birthday gift, and it worked. Now you ask whats the use of the jawbone? It pretty much counts your steps, and helps you log your food, and also monitors your sleeping pattern. This device was of great need to me for several reasons. Ok ok, i merely needed a new gadget, but for some fairly valid reasons

– I have a half marathon to run in London in October –  i can probably run 10 km without passing out. Its July already, May the God of runners see me through.

– i am a very horrible sleeper, suffered insomnia in the early years of my life and at 23, i decided to take on a job in Baghdad, so i ended up with PTSD which greatly hampers my sleeping pattern.

– i work a desk job at the moment, no i am definitely not CIA. lol. And it would be nice to know the amount of walking i do in the office on a good day.

-Lastly the word “Diet” sends me into panic mode after being a pescatarian for 5 years, combined with a love for baked goods, my grandmother was a baker. I eat cake every other day in the least. I needed to essentially stay honest with my sugar intake. So what better way than to log my food?

I assumed that the up jawbone bracelet was waterproof, so i did dishes, housekeeping etc with it. Alas, it refused to work despite several charges, reset attempts and just pretty much trying all the site has recommended. So the key moral of the story is it stopped working a measly 3 weeks later. Yeah i know, now i have eaten a lot more trash since then. Since it was a gift, i just have to wait to see the gift-er to have him send it back. I have opted for the purchase of Nike Fuelband instead, lets see how that goes- Yes i am a fitness gadget prostitute or something like that.

And oh its been raining “cats and mice” in Lagos, so outdoor running has almost been impossible, because the clouds permanently look like they are gonna just open up and unleash crazy 24 hour non-stop rain. My 31st birthday was 2 weeks ago, i got a total of 10 cakes for the week, of course some of it is currently sitting on my hips, so i guess i am back to struggling at the gym. Today is kick boxing Monday and a 30 minute run. Lets hope i don’t embarrass myself with my trainer. lol.

NESTR – Nothing else significant to report



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