• The Struggle is real

    Hi everyone, how is it going? I struggle with, and I am often conflicted with putting myself out there. When I say putting myself out there- I mean in terms of making noise ....(Read more)
  • Still a Beast

    Top of the morning to you. I hope everyone had a restful weekend especially if you are in this Lagos. So last week I went back to the gym after give or take four years of ....(Read more)
  • Who is in Your Circle?

    Hello everyone, I have a question for you? Who is in your circle? Professionally and personally? You are absolutely the sum of the five to 10 people closest to you. I just ....(Read more)
  • Be Amazing

    It’s a new week and a new chance to start afresh. Make new decisions, act better towrds people and the rest of all that jazz. If you know me, you know that I love God ....(Read more)
  • No Picture

    Be Inspired

    When we look for and find truly creative ways to solve society’s problems we truly win as a collective. Many of the pupils are child labourers during the day. ....(Read more)
  • Be Inspired

    I saw this and my heart melted… I have never really cared for Lebron, maybe because the rest of America worshipped him when he was merely an adult. He got into the MBA ....(Read more)
  • Delegation

    Delegating is something I have not been so great at lately. As a mom to two toddlers, it has been extremely obvious as I realized I was burnt out before I took time off. I ....(Read more)
  • It’s the Weekend

    Hey everyone, how are you doing? How is the weekend going? What are you planning for the weekend? As for me, I am relaxing with family. I am also sleeping a lot. I have been ....(Read more)