• Just Wow

    Wow, wow, wow….The UAE is not exactly a 1st world or developed country per say, but look at the things they are doing? Nigeria’s leader is begging google to bring ....(Read more)
  • Give Thanks

    You see I am at a transitional popoinpoint iin my life. In between attempts to make life changes and adjust, sometimes I find myself feeling overwhelmed by it all. I have ....(Read more)
  • The Gall

    So sorry I have been away once again. I made some big life changes with the family and slowly trying to settle back in. Can you imagine the shock on my face when I read this? ....(Read more)
  • Moving

    Hey everyone how is it going? So sorry for being incommunicado. My family has decided to make big changes which with time will be revealed. I recently made a big physical ....(Read more)
  • Live Your Best Life

    Good morning everyone. How are you? I opened instagram this morning to realize it is the 17th anniversary of 9/11. You see the thing is I worked in tower 2 on the 72nd floor ....(Read more)
  • Stand for Something

    The whole internet has gone off in support of the use of Colin Kapernick as the face of Nike’s 30 year anniversary campaign. Now this is not to say white racists are ....(Read more)