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    Moving forward

    Hello everyone, happy new year and sorry for the silence. I hope 2019 has brought you many beautiful things? I have weighed and weighed this several times and I have come to ....(Read more)
  • International Migration Day

    Hello All, today is International Migration day. Do you know how to migrate legally without endangering your life or expending ridiculous amounts on illegal routes? If no, ....(Read more)
  • Christmas is Coming

    So like winter, Christmas is here…or should I say Harmattan? How is everyone doing? You see I have plans for this blog but they hardly ever materialize thanks to ....(Read more)
  • Women

    I am generally confused when some women say things like oh I don’t make friends with women, or oh I don’t like other women. You see I grew up without sisters and ....(Read more)
  • Its December

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year. If you know, you know right? Not quite true. While December is a beautiful month with all its decorations and festivities, a ....(Read more)
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    Reinforcement Monday

    Hey everyone, I have been meaning to post this since Friday. As with all things when dealing with toddlers and trying to have a balance, I forget. This applies to men and ....(Read more)
  • Women Please Listen Up

    It took me a while to sort of understand why I kicked back against certain types of relationships especially with the opposite sex. I have had several relationships of ....(Read more)
  • Self Doubt

    If you know me, you will know that I am one of the most fearless people to exist. I will try almost anything once, well now I have more common sense as I want to try stating ....(Read more)
  • Just Wow

    Wow, wow, wow….The UAE is not exactly a 1st world or developed country per say, but look at the things they are doing? Nigeria’s leader is begging google to bring ....(Read more)