• No Picture

    A Reason Why

    You know many days I ask myself if I am crazy with the dreams and ambitions I have. Wanting to go into education and coming through with a system that works- one that ....(Read more)
  • What’s the Value in This?

    You know many times I want to post, but then I have told myself I will stop seeing problems and if I Identify a problem, I must also identify the solution before I open my ....(Read more)
  • Some Progress

    If you know me, you will know that one thing that makes me really angry, sad and possibly violent is child abuse and molestation. I am glad the Lagos state special offenses ....(Read more)
  • Training Gone Wrong

    So I am like the professional baby sleep trainer. One thing I am proud of is sleep training my children at 3 months. I had stopped breastfeeding at that point, so they were ....(Read more)
  • Burger Tales

    Hello everyone, how is your week going? Mine is good so far, no extra money – just great feedback from happy clients, which almost always leads to referrals. This year ....(Read more)
  • So My Daughter Thinks…

    As with 19 month olds, one of my daughters burger is eager to point out things in books etc and when I tell her good job, she claps for herself. She also falls or hurts ....(Read more)
  • No Picture

    For laughs Only- Parents

    Dear parents is this your story? I feel like I havent slept in 55 years and my life escaped from me. I am still trying to catch it on most days though. Please laugh a little. ....(Read more)
  • Manners/ Empathy

    How early is it to teach your children manners? I was accused by a friend of being extra with teaching my kids to say please and thank you. His argument was they have enough ....(Read more)
  • OMG

    “Oh My God there is poop on my arm, you didn’t clean Burger’s butt well”. That was the accusation levelled at me this morning by my husband at 7.30am. ....(Read more)
  • Daily Life – With Twins

    Hey folks, how are you? I am trying to do more with the site, somehow, someday I will get to it all. Work has been a bit more than I am used to, but I need all Ican get as I ....(Read more)